El’Faa-zine (France) n° 1


Interview with Lol Tolhurst from 29 August 1983 written by Cathy V.

Date ???


We've noticed the colours on your record covers : Seventeen Seconds, blue, Faith, grey and Pornography, red.

Lol : Yes. Nice colours. They represent each style of music. It's very simple. Faith couldn't include a brown cover because it doesn't match with the sound. Pornography couldn't have a yellow cover, the songs don't sound that way. It's so easy to think about the music through colours most of the time.

And for the next LP, do you have ideas ? The same kind of colours ?

Lol : Maybe a bit darker. Maybe black.

How about the book you're writing ?

Lol : I'm still working on it. It won't be finished until next year. It's not easy to do.

Do you think there's a difference now that Simon has left ?

Lol : No, because I think the music changes but the Cure survives anyway. I don't think it's because of the people joining or leaving the band. I still have my own ideas, even if other people come and play with us. If Simon was here, he would change the sound but not the songs. He would change something but not the general idea of the Cure. Because really the Cure is Robert and I. Other people join and bring their ideas but don't have so much influence.

Do you miss your drum kit ?

Lol : No.

You're quite busy with the keyboards ?

Lol : Yes. Too much. There's lots to learn, it's different !

Are you happy with the new drummer ?

Lol : Yes, otherwise he wouldn't be with us ! We did some tv shows with him. We said we liked him to join us and he came. It's the same for Phil, but not really actually, because he's a producer at the same time. Which means he doesn't have so much time to be with us. But Andy does !

Do you often meet the Banshees ?

Lol : Yes, since 1979, we meet quite often. It's the only band we're in contact with.

And Echo & The Bunnymen, do you know them personally ?

Lol : No. But we like what they do. Maybe that's one of the reasons why we don't want to meet them.

You said you didn't like the Virgin Prunes and Sex Gang Children...

Lol : I don't think those bands could be important in England. They attract about a thousand people. which doesn't mean it's bad ! But I can't find anything new, nothing exciting with those bands.

What's exciting in the Cure ?

Lol : Maybe nothing too ! But it's exciting to me, so...

Do you think you have an influence on other people ?

Lol : I don't think people are copycats but we can definitely have some sort of influence on them.

How about ideas, songs lyrics ?

Lol : It's funny I'm currently writing something about this. Ideas come from our personal lifes. That's why we stopped playing and touring for a while, because we had no life anymore (laughs). You can't have one when you're constantly on stage all the time.

Who's writing the songs ?

Lol : Me sometimes, or then it's Robert. For the lyrics it's him and I. I wrote two songs on the last EP and Robert one. For the music, I do a little but I leave most to Robert because he's more talented.

So you have some ideas and you complete the songs in the studio ?

Lol : Most of the times, yes. And sometimes we do it outside the studio. There's no rules. It depends what's going on. We don't think "now we're going to write a song, here's your part". It wouldn't be funny at all.

Did you hear about the European music concept ?

Lol : Yes, and I don't think it really exists. There are American bands who make European music and European bands who sound American.

On The Dream, the keyboards sound like the band Japan.

Lol : It's because it was the same producer. That's why we wanted him actually, for the things he did with Japan.

What do you think of the current English music scene ?

Lol : I don't know it very well. I'm not very interested. But you can't avoid hearing a few things. I listen to many different bands : Echo & the Bunnymen, New Order, David Bowie, Psychedelic Furs, Siouxsie & the Banshees, Zerra I...

Are you happy with the Cure ?

Lol : Yes. I enjoy it. It's the only reason for me to do this. Because I like it.

But the next album will be more serious ?

Lol : Yes, more serious, like Pornography. We have a couple of ideas. We must work on them now. The album won't be finished until next year. We're going to the studio in October. And we'll certainly go on tour in February or March.

Do you have news from Simon Gallup ?

Lol : He has his own band. I don't see him often. He plays with Matthew who was on keyboards with us on Seventeen Seconds.

You played me two songs you've done with your girlfriend, what will happen to them ?

Lol : I'll keep them hidden at home !

written by Cathy V (translated by Eric Dochez)