Further Adventures of Team Cure (UK) n° 2


Official fanzine. Issue n° 2 includes Robert Smith's story about summer festivals.

Date ???


Q. what is long and hot and full of sun?

A. once more TEAMCURE set off on a travel. this time to play a series of selected summer festivals in europe. robert, laurence, porl, simon, and boris (the group!) are joined again by roger (shirt), mac (snail), chris (bill), and perry (mr blokey), and tow new timers - bruno (a drummers friend) and mick mcginty (hoss to his innumerable close friends; a reformed sumo tour manager).

the first stop in spain, and the first concert of the new group (and of the year) is in barcelona. the boys are sickly nervous and more than a bit emotional (?), but it all goes perfectly, no-one forgets who they are, and the concert is fab.

the next night in madrid (dle) is even better, and everyone leaves spain with the sound of delirious voices still ringing in their ears.


a few days later finds the visitors in copenhagen, denmark. the party has been increased by the 4 mrs blokeys and biddles, and the concert is the roskilde festival. to the delight of 30,000 people it doesn't rain, and to the even greater delight of TEAMCURE they win another... the stay here is consequently extended by two days, during which time laurence becomes obsessed with the tivoli gardens funfair. why does he enjoy sicking up on the big dipper? why does he smile as he faints on the death slide? why does he wave as he falls from the gravity wheel? who will ever know.....?

the mrs blokeys and biddles go home, and everybody else visits hamburg where this time rain almost does stop play. thanks to the associates however, the sun comes out, and everyone is burning by the time TEAMCURE finish their third encore. another good day!

quickly everyone whooshes to geneva to play a small, intimate, picturesque, lakeside wedding (?) before arriving in milan, italy. this is a brilliant concert in a tent, as is the following night in viareggio, and it is in this famous ancient resort that boris gets very tired and attempts to drown the rest of the group by stealing a boat and driving it into them as they are having a relaxing 3am sea swim. happily he fails and he is keelhauled. the last night in italy is spent playing in rome where it is so hot some members of the audience evaporate whilst others burst into flames, but as it's the best italian show, no-one seems to mind... much!

the 4 mrs blokeys and martin (their new victim) rejoin TEAMCURE for the seasons big fixture - rock in athens 85, greece. at full strength and against limited opposition, the group play their best show yet and run away with the hearts and souls of most of the 60,000 strong crowd. it is moving stuff!

the stay is extended; the temperature hits 115f; and every american woman in the hotel thinks simon is boy george! everyone else thinks robert is simon and the head barman names a cocktail after porl! yum!

and so, on to turku, finland. it is the final concert, and after what has gone before it is a bit of a come-down to say the least! the rain falls in dark, grey sheets, no-one smiles, and the group are even refused admission into the festival site! no-one likes this, and agrees that it is probably a draw, but as it is the only one of the entire summer season everyone forgets kisses everyone else, and goes home happy!

and then....

to be continued.