Saint-Tropez, Le Café de la Plage (France)


Just Like Heaven (???), Let's Go To Bed, Lullaby, Saturday I'm In Love, Lovesong, Close To Me, Boys Don't Cry, 10.15 Saturday Night, Killing An Arab


when our friend ray cokes asked the cure to play at his and melanie's wedding we thought he was joking... and when the band said yes he thought we were mad! only 3 of the 75 guests had any idea of what was about to happen as ray lurched upright to sing "just like heaven "... and when he couldn't remember the words and asked "where are the cure when you need them?" the band duly walked out onstage in their best suits and performed(?) 8 of his favourite songs!

we'd flown into st tropez that afternoon, taking a break from setting up the studio and starting the new record and the beach party afterwards (sacre rouge!) was certainly worth the trip... needless to say the bash went on until we were all thrown away... and back at the hotel until the sun came up...

so for your viewing entertainment(?!) here is a video clip of the cure vs ray cokes murdering "saturday i'm in love"... any questions about life imitating art should now be answered...

warning - don't watch this straight!



Robert Smith, Simon Gallup, Perry Bamonte, Jason Cooper, Roger O'Donnell


Photos are taken from The Cure Official website.


Le Café de la Plage
83000 Saint-Tropez