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London Dates

19. 12. 1978 petr.halla 0

On 19th December 1978, they played at Hope And Anchor in Islington and it was reviewed by the press.

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John Peel

4. 12. 1978 petr.halla 0

On 4 December, The Cure recorded the first session for John Peel’s show on Radio One. They performed Killing An Arab, 10.15 Saturday Night, Boys Don’t Cry and Fire In Cairo.

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Killing An Arab

1. 12. 1978 petr.halla 0

Around this time, The Cure celebrate the release of their first single Killing An Arab b/w 10.15 Saturday Night on Small Wonder, a small label chosen by Chris Parry when Polydor wouldn’t it release before Christmas. It was pressed 15.000 copies!

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On Tour

30. 11. 1978 petr.halla 0

On 30 November 1978, The Cure were attacked by skinheads, then stayed in a hotel for the first time, and the people from Polydor had travelled to see them.

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Supporting Gen X

9. 11. 1978 petr.halla 0

At the end of November 1978, The Cure embarked a short tour supporting Generation X, driving back to Parry’s house near Watford gig after gig. to sleep there.

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The Cure Live

6. 11. 1978 petr.halla 0

On 28 October 1978, they played at Lakers. And on 6 November 1978, they played again at The Windsor Castle. The next two months, they played gig after gig under Chris’ scheme. Another show was on 20 November 1978, when The Cure was supporting The UK Subs at the Moonlight Club in West Hampstead. Singer Charlie Harper had previously asked Lol to join his band when they’d met at the Croyden Greyhound.