Let’s Go To Bed

23. 11. 1982 petr.halla 0

On 23 November 1982, new single Let's Go To Bed has been released under the name of The Cure, against will of Robert Smith.

The Banshees

9. 11. 1982 petr.halla 0

In November 1982, Robert Smith joined Siouxsie & The Banshees. And, on 9 November 1982, they did live TV performance, filmed at BBC Television Centre in London, England.

Kid Jensen

24. 10. 1982 petr.halla 0

The Cure recorded four songs Let's Go To Bed, One Hundred Years, Just One Kiss, Ariel for Kid Jensen session.

Tim Pope

1. 10. 1982 petr.halla 0

In October 1982, a video for Let's Go To Bed was directed by Tim Pope, it was the first collaboration between the band and Tim.

Punish Me With Kisses

1. 10. 1982 petr.halla 0

Robert Smith and Steve Severin recorded demo of Punish Me With Kisses at the Playground studios, for their later project called The Glove.


1. 9. 1982 petr.halla 0

In September 1982, Robert Smith and Lol Tolhurst started to work on a new single Let's Go To Bed (earlier called Temptation) at Island Studios. Also Steve Goulding joined them on drums.


1. 8. 1982 petr.halla 0

In August 1982, new issue of Flexipop magazine has been issued with new song called Lament (written in July).