4AD’s 13 Year Itch

22. 7. 1993 petr.halla 0

Porl Thompson and Boris Williams made a guest appearance with Caroline and Roberto (Shellyan Orphan) at 4AD's '13 Year Itch' at the ICA in London. They performed four track set, The Breeders were here too.

Show in Cinemas

2. 7. 1993 petr.halla 0

Film Show, filmed at the Palace in Auburn Hills on 18/19 July 1992 - 8 cameras were used and one b&w footage was filmed by local film school students, was shown in London, Manchester, Newcastle, Stockport and Edinburgh.

Mixing Show

1. 1. 1993 petr.halla 0

Robert Smith and Bryan 'Chuck' New mixed new live album Show at the Wool Hall and the Manor.


1. 1. 1993 petr.halla 0

At the end of the last year, Porl Thompson decided to leave The Cure.