Lost Wishes

16. 11. 1994 petr.halla 0

On 16 November 1994, a limited edition of Lost Wishes was available only via mail order from the Fiction Records. This cassette EP, containing four previously unreleased instrumental tracks, was recorded during the Wish session in Winter 1991.

Lol Vs The Cure

16. 9. 1994 petr.halla 0

After seven months, The Cure and Fiction Records have won their legal battle with the band's former member Lol Tolhurst, who may now face a legal bill estimated at £1 million.

The Crow

28. 3. 1994 petr.halla 0

On 28 March 1994, the soundtrack to the movie The Crow was released in the United Kingdom. This album includes new track from The Cure entitled Burn.

Lol Vs The Cure

18. 2. 1994 petr.halla 0

Former Cure member Lol Tolhurst was in the High Court last week giving evidence in what's likely to be one of the bitterest music business divorce cases ever. In a 60-page document put before the court, Lol Tolhurst claims he was persuaded by Smith and the band's manager Chris Parry to sign a contract in 1986 which reduced his profits.