Make Some Noise

10. 12. 2005 petr.halla 0

Three-piece Cure recorded a cover version of John Lennon's song Love this May at Westside Studios in London, with the producer Mike Hedges. Now it's available at Amnesty International website for 99 cents.

Never Enough

10. 9. 2005 petr.halla 0

On 10 September 2005, Omnibus Press published new book called Never Enough: The Story of The Cure, written by Jeff Apter.

Wishful Thinking

8. 9. 2005 petr.halla 0

On 8 September 2005, Independent Music Press published new book called Robert Smith: The Cure & Wishful Thinking, written by Richard Carman.

Single Remaster Series 1.0

5. 9. 2005 petr.halla 0

New digitally remastered single CD editions of Three Imaginary Boys, Seventeen Seconds, Faith and Pornography were released today in the United Kingdom.

Summer Festivals

5. 8. 2005 petr.halla 0

In the Summer of 2005, The Cure did nine festivals appearances in Spain, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Italy, Hungary, Germany, Greece and Turkey.

Live 8

2. 7. 2005 petr.halla 0

The Cure have played tonight at French Live 8 at Esplanade du Chateau in Versailles, France with a new four piece line up.

In Between Days

30. 6. 2005 petr.halla 0

On 30 June 2005, Helter Skelter Publishing published new book called In Between Days: An Armchair Guide To The Cure, written by Dave Thompson.

Live @ Launch

15. 6. 2005 petr.halla 0

Now you can watch The Cure's classic song The Figurehead and new interview with Robert Smith on