Recording Session

13. 1. 1980 petr.halla 0

From 13th to 20th January 1980, The Cure recorded all 11 tracks at Morgan Studios with the producer Mike Hedges.

More Rehearsals

11. 1. 1980 petr.halla 0

Next week, they continued with songs like Secrets, The Final Sound, Untitled (later entitled A Reflection). Both rehearsal sessions were recorded on a two-track reel to reel.


4. 1. 1980 petr.halla 0

Rehearsals for the next album started at Robert Smith's parents house. Instrumental versions of A Forest, Seventeen Seconds, Play For Today, M, In Your House, Another Journey By Train and At Night were recorded.

Killing An Arab

22. 12. 1978 petr.halla 0

Around this time, The Cure celebrate the release of their first single Killing An Arab b/w 10.15 Saturday Night on Small Wonder, a small label chosen by Chris Parry when Polydor wouldn't it release before Christmas. It was pressed 15.000 copies!

Wanna Be A Recording Star?

23. 4. 1977 petr.halla 0

During April 1977, German's largest indepent label Hansa placed an advert for new talent in the British music press. So, Easy Cure made a tape in the dining room of Robert's parents' house, and then sent it in with a photo.