13/20 (Argentina)

31. 12. 1991 petr.halla 0

Special issue with The Cure. Story of The Cure entitled "Llegando la cura", small article entitled "Anochecer de un dia agitado", lyrics and poster.

Select (UK)

1. 8. 1991 petr.halla 0

Interview with Robert Smith entitled "I'm getting one of my headaches" written by Chris Heath. Picture Show video review written by Nick Griffits. Competition "Cure vids!". T-shirts advert.

Zillo (Germany)

1. 7. 1991 petr.halla 0

Picture of Robert Smith. Article about And Also The Trees written by Volkard Steinbach which mentions The Cure. News articles about Entreat, new tour, bootlegs and Lol Tolhurst's band Presence. Cartoon.

Melody Maker (UK)

22. 6. 1991 petr.halla 0

Interview with Robert Smith and Tim Pope entitled "Visionary Chic" written by Steve Sutherland. Two Presence Marquee (19/6/1991) live adverts.