Freak Out (Peru) n° 3

31. 12. 2004 petr.halla 0

Article entitled "The Loudest Sound" written by Sebastian Pimentel. Also there are more articles entitled "23 Discos Imaginarios", "Imagenes Paganas" and "Other Voices".

The Cure en Mexico (Mexico)

31. 12. 2004 petr.halla 0

Special issue with The Cure, includes their history entitled "A desempolvar las gabardinas... El regreso", article entitled "Movimiento gotico", discography, lyrics and poster.

X Music Mag (China)

1. 10. 2004 petr.halla 0

An article entitled "X-Files", lyrics of The End Of The World, small review of The Cure self titled album and some news content.

Rock Sound (Portugal) n° 20

1. 9. 2004 petr.halla 0

Article entitled "Em nome proprio" written by Filipe Rodrigues da Silva. Festival Vilar de Mouros (17/7/2004) review by Pedro Trigueiro. Also there is news article entitled "EP online" about Session @ AOL.