Classic Rock | 1980-e (Russia) n° 2

31. 12. 2007 petr.halla 0

Special issue about 80s with article entitled "Otkrovennaya pornografiya", Disintegration album review "Eto dolzhno byt v kazhdom dome" both written by Sian Llewellyn. Also there are some other album reviews.

Marvin (Mexico) n° 55

1. 10. 2007 petr.halla 0

Article entitled "Tristeza adorable y eterna" written by Benjamin Acosta, discography written by Kill Aniston and gig guide. Also there is article entitled "Idealismo Digital" written by Juan Carlos Hidalgo which mentions The Cure.

DJ Concept | Especial (Mexico) Ano 1 n° 2

1. 9. 2007 petr.halla 0

Special issue with The Cure, includes articles "Disintegracion sistematica", "Siouxsie And The Banshees - La sombra mas oscura de The Cure", "The Glove - Fugacidad en la gestacion Conceptual", "El look ochentero" and "El pop, remedio generacional", which mentions The Cure. Also there is band's discography, lyrics, short history, Mexico City (20-21-22/10/2004) promotional advert and poster.

The Bragg (Australia) n° 222

6. 8. 2007 petr.halla 0

Article entitled "The life and times of Robert Smith, Original Emo" written by Kirsty Brown. News article entitled "The Cure, Sssssh!". Aftershow party advert. Gig guide. Quiz.

DJ Mag (UK) n° 36

1. 4. 2007 petr.halla 0

Article entitled "Tales of the unexpected Ultrafest" written by Carl Loben. Ultra Music Festival (23/3/2007) advert.