Expresso | Actual (Portugal) n° 1845

8. 3. 2008 petr.halla 0

Article entitled "Quatro rapazes imaginarios" and Three Imaginary Boys album review written by Jorge Manuel Lopes. Also there is small article entitled "Matar um Arabe" written by Joao Lisboa and Lisbon (28/6/1989) show review by Alexandra Carita. Advert promoting Blitz magazine with Robert Smith on the cover.

Blitz (Portugal) n° 21

1. 3. 2008 petr.halla 0

Article entitled "Como a pop salvou os Cure" written by Lia Pereira. Also there are some other articles entitled "'Vaguardas' - O que e isso?" written by Antonio Sergio, "Ao vivo em Portugal" by Luis Guerra, "13° album na primavera" by Lia Pereira and "Essential". Editorial entitled "Dos anos 80" written by Miguel Francisco Cadete. Charts "31 cancoes para marco", "Casette pirata" and "Posto emissor". Gig guide.

Rock Sound (Portugal) n° 20

1. 9. 2004 petr.halla 0

Article entitled "Em nome proprio" written by Filipe Rodrigues da Silva. Festival Vilar de Mouros (17/7/2004) review by Pedro Trigueiro. Also there is news article entitled "EP online" about Session @ AOL.

Blitz (Portugal) n° 392

5. 5. 1992 petr.halla 0

News article entitled "CDV com todos". Wish album advert. Also there is 16-page special issued as supplement with Blitz magazine, includes story of The Cure written by Miguel Cunha, discography and Wish album advert.

Blitz (Portugal) n° 391

28. 4. 1992 petr.halla 0

Interview with Robert Smith entitled "Novas atmosferas londrinas" written by Luis Pinheiro de Almeida. Wish album advert and review by Fernando Santos Marques.