Rock Sound (Portugal) n° 20

1. 9. 2004 petr.halla 0
Article entitled "Em nome proprio" written by Filipe Rodrigues da Silva. Festival Vilar de Mouros (17/7/2004) review by Pedro Trigueiro. Also there is news article entitled "EP online" about Session @ AOL.

Blitz (Portugal) n° 392

5. 5. 1992 petr.halla 0
News article entitled "CDV com todos". Wish album advert. Also there is 16-page special issued as supplement with Blitz magazine, includes story of The Cure written by Miguel Cunha, discography and Wish album advert.

Blitz (Portugal) n° 391

28. 4. 1992 petr.halla 0
Interview with Robert Smith entitled "Novas atmosferas londrinas" written by Luis Pinheiro de Almeida. Wish album advert and review by Fernando Santos Marques.

Blitz (Portugal)

4. 7. 1989 petr.halla 0
Lisbon (28/6/1989) show review entitled "Cure os caca-fantasmas" written by Tiago Baltazar. Disintegration album advert. Interview with Shelleyan Orphan entitled "Espiritos da solidao optimisma" written by Miguel Santos which mentions The Cure. Charts.