Afisha (Russia)

4. 6. 2012 petr.halla 0

Interview with various people talking about The Cure entitled "Vrachi prileteli" written by Yegor Galenko, Aleksandr Gorbachev and Grigoriy Prokopov.

Classic Rock | 1980-e (Russia) n° 2

31. 12. 2007 petr.halla 0

Special issue about 80s with article entitled "Otkrovennaya pornografiya", Disintegration album review "Eto dolzhno byt v kazhdom dome" both written by Sian Llewellyn. Also there are some other album reviews.

Play (Russia) n° 46

1. 7. 2004 petr.halla 0

Article entitled "Chto glozhet Roberta Smita" written by Artem Rondarev. Also there are reviews of The Cure self titled album and Join The Dots box set by Anton Oboznyy.

Rovesnik (Russia) n° 475

1. 1. 2002 petr.halla 0

Article entitled "Dobro pozhalovat v koshmar" written by Kseniya Polina. Small article. Universal advert with Greatest Hits album. Poster of The Cure.