Whistle Test (TV)

13. 11. 1984 petr.halla 0

Interview with Robert Smith about: why he left The Banshees, The Glove, making of The Lovecats in Paris, playing with The Cure, his future ambitions, etc... filmed on 25 August 1984 in Glasgow, Scotland. There are some clips including Swimming Horses (promo), Punish Me With Kisses (from Riverside 1983), The Lovecats (promo), The Walk (from the soundcheck in Glasgow 1984), 10:15 Saturday Night and Piggy In The Mirror (live from Glasgow 1984).

Popper’s MTV (TV)

31. 10. 1984 petr.halla 0

Interview with Robert Smith and Lol Tolhurst, filmed in October 1984 in Tokyo, Japan. Live version of Primary, filmed on 5 May 1984 in Oxford.

Play At Home (TV)

4. 9. 1984 petr.halla 0

Siouxsie And The Banshees performed Alice In Wonderland, filmed in January 1984 (???) in London. This show includes some promotional videos from The Banshees, The Glove and The Creatures and part of the show filmed in October 1983 at Royal Albert Hall in London.

Countdown (TV)

30. 6. 1984 petr.halla 0

The Cure (4-piece, no Phil Thornalley) playback performance, filmed in June 1984 (one week after The Top tour) in Netherlands.