Words – The Top


Ha ha ha!!!
Wake up in the dark
The aftertaste of anger
In the back of my mouth Spit it on the wall And cough some more And scrape my skin with razor blades And make up in the new blood And try to look so good Follow me!
Make up in the new blood And follow me to where the real fun is... Ha ha ha!!! As stale and selfish as a sick dog Spurning sex like an animal of god I'll tear your red hair by the roots And hold you blazing Hold you cherished
In the dead electric light Your face... I'll never see you this way again I captured it so perfectly As if I knew you'd disappear away Shake dog shake You hit me again You howl and hit me again The same sharp pain Wakes me in the dark And cuts me from my throat to my pounding heart My heart My shaking heart Shake dog shake But we slept all night in the virgin's bed And dreamed of death And breathed like sick dogs We slept all night in the virgin's bed And breathed like death And dreamed of sick dogs Shake dog shake Wake up wake up wake up! Shake dog shake Wake up wake up wake up! Shake dog shake Wake up in the new blood Make up in the new blood Shake up in the new blood And follow me to where the real fun is... Shake dog shake


This girl has got a smile
That can make me cry
This girl just burns with love
She's burning
Burning deep outside Night time
Night time Sets my house on fire I'll turn into the melting man I'll lose my life To feel I feel desire Oh I should feel Like a polar bear... It's impossible! She flies outside this cage Singing girlmad words I keep her dark thoughts deep inside As black as stone And mad as birds Wild wild wild And never turn away Sends me all her love She sends me everything She sends me everywhere Oh I could be A polar bear... It's impossible! I try to talk The sky goes red I forget So fill my head With some of this Some of that Some of every word she said Oh I should be A polar bear...
But it's impossible


The holy city breathed
Like a dying man
It moved with hopeful tears
With the tears of the blind

And on and on as the night drew in
Through broken streets
That sucked me in
My feet were bare and cut with stones
With walking to the Promised Land

I pushed through crowds
Through seas of prayer
Through twisting hands and choking air
A vulture at the Wailing Wall
I circled...


Get away from me
Get your fingers out of my face
This room's so hot
This room's so hot
I break the walls

Get away from me
Leave me alone
Like the pig on the stairs
In a groovy purple shirt

Gasping for air
I'm gasping for air
I'm gasping for love
I'm gasping for air...

Slit the cats like cheese
Then eat the sweet sticky things
Suck harder!
Suck harder!
Suck your insides
Insides out...

Blood thick swimming round your feet
As you're choking
Choking on the fleshy words

Give me it give me it give me it
Deaden my glassy mind
Give me it give me it
Make me blind
One step back and one step down
And slip the needles in my side...

My head is cold
My hands are cold
My heart is cold
My heart is black
And stops every fucking night
Every night
I wait until it stops Sing birds sing birds sing birds sing Get away...


Going under slowly
It never seems too late
Going under so slow...

Dressing up to kiss
Dressing up to touch all this
I'm dressing up to dance all week
I'm dressing up to sleep
Dressing up to kiss
Dressing up to be all this

I could eat your face
I could eat all of you
Oh this night will never let me go...

Going under slowly
Never seems too late
Going under slowly...

You'll pick me up again


Flicka flicka flicka!
Here you are
Cata cata cata!
Caterpillar girl
Flowing in
And filling up my hopeless heart
Oh never never go
Dust my lemon lies With powder pink and sweet The day I stop Is the day you change And fly away from me You flicker And you're beautiful You glow inside my head You hold me hypnotized I'm mesmerized... Your flames The flames that kiss me dead


Shapes in the drink like Christ
Cracks in the pale blue wall
I'm walking slowly and quickly but
Always away
Twisting to the floor Flowers in your mouth
And the same dry song The routine from laughter land Sixteen white legs and a row of teeth They watch you in secrecy You're dying
For the hope is gone From here we go nowhere again I'm trapped in my face and I'm changing Too much I can't climb out the way I fell in Jump with me For that old forgotten dance The midnight sun will burn you up Your life is cold Your life is hard Your life is too much for words These occasions are such a relief Another point
Another view to send... Hey hey hey! We start to talk And it's all so safe... I feed you in my dreams Footsteps on a wire High above my head The stain reveals my real intention I'm the waiting beast I'm the twisted nerve As I dance Dance back to the body in my bed Look at the piggy Piggy in the mirror


As stiff as toys
And tall as men
And swaying like the wind torn trees
She talked about the empty world
With eyes like poisoned birds

She talked about the armies
That marched inside her head
And how they made her dreams go bad
Oh! How happy she was! How proud she was! To be fighting in the war In the empty world


Curl into a ball like you have more fun
That would make it faster
Why do you do it do you do it do you
Act like you? Why do you do it do you
Act like you? Don't fight Go red and blue and black and white and... Sell this sell this! Or leave it senseless like a suck on a gun? "Put a piece of metal in your head"
You said "Make you dead Make you hippa hippa hippa hippa…" A palace of stones Of your bananafish bones I'd buy you a hundred years old To celebrate our difference Theorize and talk yourself Until you're tired and cold Disappear everywhere and watch me Pull my lips apart Exploit!
Encourage! Be responsible for this... Ha ha! I don't think... I don't think I make use of all this time Oh kill me kiss me once And then we'll throw it away And then we'll throw it away... Turn off the lights And tell me about the games you play...


"I don't care"
If only I could say that
And not feel so sick and scared
"I don't care"
If only I could say that
If only my eyes would close...

"It's Jesus brilliant"
You used to laugh
"Walking these gorgeous blocks...
This top is the place
Where nobody goes
You just imagine
You just imagine it all..." Every day I lie here And know that it's true All I really want is you Please come back Please come back Like all the other ones do... Please come back All of you...