The Cure returned to Morgan Studios


From 8 to 10 January 1979, The Cure returned to Morgan Studios to finish their first album. They recorded most of their songs like Foxy Lady with Michael Dempsey on vocal.


"Parry sat in the chair next to Hedges so I suppose that's tantamount to producing. Trouble is, he'd been a drummer in his former life and, like most people who play, he had an affection for his particular instrument so the first day of recording always consisted of poor Lol hitting the snare to get what Parry considered the all-important element of the song. After that things went very quickly - there were no overdubs apart from a little lead guitar and Robert's vocal and, because we'd played the songs so many times, it only took us three or four takes. We whipped through very quickly.
"Parry even managed to persuade Robert to invest in a Fender Jazzmaster guitar and a Roland JC160 amp to enhance the sound."
Michael Dempsey, Ten Imaginary Years (1988)