Rox Box (TV)


Another report about The Cure arrival to Brussels, short interview with Robert Smith, filmed on 26 November 1985 at the local airport. Then follows interview with Robert Smith in the TV studio. Also they showed part from the soundcheck (The Baby Screams) taken from another Belgian TV station BRT broadcasted later in the programme called Villa Tempo and various extracts from The Cure's promotional videos (Let's Go To Bed, In Between Days, A Forest, The Walk, The Caterpillar, Close To Me ). 19 mins

This programme was broadcasted in two parts. See details below.

Later, Sonuma archives put online this interview with unbroadcasted parts. 6 mins





07.12.1985 - RTBF (Belgium) -- part one -- 11 mins
14.12.1985 - RTBF (Belgium) -- part two -- 8 mins