Sonic Seducer (Germany)

1. 11. 2022 petr.halla 0

Article entitled "Wünsch dir was" written by Thomas Pilgrim. Wish (deluxe edition) album review written by Torsten Schäfer. Berlin (18/10/2022) show review written by Thomas Thyssen. Sonic Seducer special edition magazine advert. Also there is short interview with And Also The Trees entitled "Niemals eindeutig" written by Stephan Wolf which mentions The Cure. [ MORE . . . ]

Sonic Seducer Edition (Germany)

31. 10. 2022 petr.halla 0

Special edition of Sonic Seducer magazine includes 2023 wall calendar, articles "40 Jahre Pornography - Im Rausch der Zerstörung" and "30 Jahre Wish - Unerreichbar und unerreicht " both written by Thomas Pilgrim. Pornography (RSD edition) and Wish (deluxe edition) albums review by Torsten Schäfer. Leipzig (17/10/2022) and Berlin (18/10/2022) shows review entitled "Denkwürdige Bühnenrückkehr" written by Ashley Dayour. Also there is an article about Four Imaginary Boys tribute band entitled "Individuell original getreu" written by Thomas Pilgrim. [ MORE . . . ]

Právo (Czech Republic)

26. 10. 2022 petr.halla 0

Prague (24/10/2022) show review entitled "Nestárnoucí krása melancholie britské skupiny The Cure" written by Ilja Kučera ml. [ MORE . . . ]