Inspirations – Three Imaginary Boys


10.15 Saturday Night - Self explanatory - me sitting in the kitchen sink waiting for a phone call...

Accuracy - The ease and desire of hurting someone you sometimes love.

Grinding Halt - Entropy and apathy.

Another Day - Another entropy and apathy song - how I sometimes (often) felt on waking.

Object - A decisive sneer hiding a sour desire.

Subway Song - A story I was told...

Foxy Lady - Michael wanted to sing a song - and I didn't like the idea of him singing my words - so we picked a cover version. This one was chosen because it was unlikely at the time!

Meathook - A strained comparison between the chart pop song catch and revolting dead meat?

So What - Me drunk!!!

Fire In Cairo - An eastern fantasy...

It's Not You - Another hateful song.

Three Imaginary Boys - A dream I had.
Inspirations from Robert Smith were published in Cure News fanzine n° 5 in May 1988.